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Online Physics Classes In Noida

Noida is very near to Delhi, so many students who live in Noida take their education in Delhi so that they can get the benefit of Delhi reservation because those who study in Delhi, get all the colleges of Delhi from Delhi Government. There is an 85% quota.

Now we talk about those students who prepare for the NEET exam, we need to know that the children who are from Noida and Delhi will either be the domicile of Delhi or will be the domicile of Uttar Pradesh. For the GENERAL category, then he needs at least 620 marks out of 720 if he wants admission to any government medical college.

Now whenever we prepare for the NEET exam, we need to understand what we should do so that we can get good marks in our NEET exam.
Yes, to understand all, we need to know that students who appear in NEET have to face 3 subjects, PHYSICS, Chemistry and Biology. It has been seen that students who study Chemistry and Biology thoroughly from NCERT can get good marks.

When it comes to physics, it is very difficult for him because he tries to remember physics like chemistry and biology which fails and he cannot solve physics questions.
After that, he goes to google and searches for those questions which wastes a lot of time and he can not get the right answer then he watches different types of VIDEO ON YOUTUBE that too his time is KILLED and finally he answers his question can't pull off and eventually get discouraged.

Now coming to the point let me tell you the right thing, whichever chapter you read from any book in Physics, solve the questions given at the end of that book thoroughly, if they are solved then it means that Your basic physics is good then after that you go to the NEXT LEVEL book and solve your questions from it then see if YOU also solve your questions then you don't need any teacher.

If many science questions are not solved by you, then you should contact a good teacher who gives you all the concepts of physics.
Now you can take a class from Kumar sir with the help of technology and make neet physics easy if you are in class 11 then start physics from today and if you are in class 12 and physics If you are not able to understand physics, then first you clear all the concepts of class 11 and then solve the physics questions.

Kumar Physics

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And if it has been many years since you are preparing for the NEET exam then join kumar sir immediately and improve your physics as you all know that physics is a subject in which some maths is also attached.
First of all, Kumar sir will clear the maths tools of physics, after that he will take you to the advanced level teaching from basic physics, in which you will solve all the questions of Akash and ALLEN

And after that, you will do all the questions of HC Verma sir's class and book which are useful for NEET PHYSICS, so that you can get hold of physics.
So you contact Noida's Physics TUTOR IN NOIDA and make your physics much better, the questions you used to solve in the first 5 minutes, do it in 5 seconds, this is the power of Kumar sir, please do not go to all website youtube channel which laughs make jokes and misuse your time and teach you mimicry instead of PHYSICS so much your time is wasted and in the end, the result is zero.

And in the end, let me tell one thing to all the students that to study physics, there is a need to solve the questions again and again from books and not we sit on the internet all day long for one question and in the end we have to get

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