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We Teach physics in such a way that all the doubts of the students should get clarified which is our utmost priority in physics.

Some students are studying physics in various institutions in classroom teaching and their doubts remain uncleared so we do sit with the student individually and clear high-level doubts without wasting their time with complete tricks or short cut.

So guys hurry up and clear your physics concepts and get a good result in the exam.

if we consider last year physics paper then you found that only one derivation is asked and all are the conceptual type of questions.

if someone tries to mug up physics then he or she hardly clear the physics exam and scoring 99 in physics in board exam will be their dream.

And for NEET Physics exam our priority to clear all the physics concepts to all the students those who are studying from Mr Kumar with conceptual physics questions so that understanding of physics will increase. Kumar Sir Is The Best Physics Tutor In Mumbai.

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Mumbai is the city of film stars, where people come to become actors and actresses, but all the actors and actresses are also very educated, when a man is educated, he can also do art very well, one of them is named Sushant. Singh Rajput has completed his engineering degree at the Delhi Institute of Technology.

Now we talk about education, in childhood, every man has a desire to complete his education at a good university and make himself a better youth and his future is very exciting.

When any student pass class 10 then he has three options number one 1 is the art side number second commerce side number third science side if he chooses science then either he wants to go ahead to become an engineer or wants to become a doctor.

Now we come to the process of becoming an engineer and a doctor, to become an engineer, a student in India has to clear the IIT JEE exam and if he wants to become a doctor, then he has to pass the NEET exam. But to pass both the exams with a good rank, the student's physics should be very good because physics is a logical subject and there is a lot of stress on the mind while studying, so many students consider physics as difficult but it is not. Physics is a subject of concepts.

To study physics it is very important to understand every chapter and every chapter is related to another chapter if we do not know vectors then we cannot read a chapter like a newton slow rotational motion and electrostatic properly and if we have a free body diagram If we do not know how to make, then we consider Newton's law a difficult chapter, so whenever a student falls into physics, he should know that every chapter is related to another chapter, so before reading the next chapter, he should also keep the old chapter in mind. 

When a student is in class 11 and class 12, first of all, he has to study physics which is of his state board like the Maharashtra Education Board in Maharashtra or that physics is of CBSE.

The second type of physics that he does is either IITJEE, or it is NEET, 

Here the student finds physics difficult, which is a little above the state-level board.

Now we talk about Physics of IIT JEE, Physics of ITI is a Numerical Base in which 95% of questions are of Numerical type, so the student needs a lot of hard work to pass this type of Physics. And it is necessary to have complete knowledge of all the concepts of physics.

Now if we talk about the physics of NEET, then it has been seen that in the questions which come in NEET physics, up to 70% of questions are numerical base while 30% questions are of theory base.

Now we talk about the students of Mumbai, the students of Mumbai are very advanced and are all-rounders. One special thing in Maharashtra is that instead of the cut-off of other states, the student gets admission at the lower cut-off.

There are very good engineering schools and medical schools in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai, so if any student prepares for IITJEE and NEET exams, he should pay a lot of attention to physics because if his marks in physics are higher than others. If the expectation is more then his ranking increases in IIT-G and NITI, so all the students should pay a lot of attention to physics while studying, first of all, should master the basics of physics, after that the highest level of physics. must read

Every student should swear if he is a student of physics that he should revise all the physics formulas once every day, it is hardly 10 minutes of work.

Every student should solve at least 50 physics questions every day and where there is a mistake, he should understand again that which mistake he is doing can be corrected.

If you want to know about Physics books then you can use NCERT Physics, Physics by h c Verma and Resnick Halliday for any exam are the classy books if any student falls from these books and If he can solve the questions easily, then his confidence in physics increases greatly and he can easily solve even the most difficult IIT Advanced questions.

And if even after that you are not able to solve the questions of physics, then you are requested to please do not waste your time on the internet, 

I am not saying that the internet is not good for studies but what happens when we are on the internet and searching for any physics questions and we don't get a correct answer then our attention gets lost and too much. is lost if you are facing a problem in physics then you contact any high-level physics tutor and save your time.

Kumar sir is a very talented teacher who teaches physics, his experience of teaching physics is 25 years and his specialization is ib physics, neet physics, AP physics, IIT physics and state board level Physics.


And through the internet you can do online physics classes with kumar sir kumar sir Best Physics Tutor In Mumbai will teach you according to you and clear your small to big doubts about physics.

Whether you are living in Bandra West, Juhu, Worli, Mumbai, Chembur Malabar Hill, Colaba, Goregaon Matunga, Navi Mumbai, Kurla Kandivali East, Churchgate, South Mumbai Wherever you are staying in Mumbai you can take physics classes online from Kumar sir.

And if your target is IIT Mumbai, Grant Medical College Mumbai, KJ Somaiya Medical College Mumbai, or Rajiv Gandhi Medical College Mumbai, then definitely contact Kumar sir for physics classes so that your physics becomes very high level and you get admission to a good branch with good rank in neet and IIT.


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