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Physics Tutor In South Delhi

Best Physics Tutor In South Delhi

  1. Kumar Sir is Masters's in Electrical Engineering and had been a research scholar at IIT Delhi

  2. He is also the author of Many physics Education books

  3. Had been in teaching Physics since he did his High School, and carries 25 years of teaching experience at IGCSE, IBDP, AP Physics, SAT Physics, NEET PHYSICS and IITJEE level

  4. Tutored more than 5000 students

  5. Has a strong subject grip and transfers the same to students, making students comfortable at each level

  6. IGCSE tutoring is supported by complete NOTES, the first of its kind pan the world. It reduces effective teaching hours for the teacher as well as taught and reduces your expenses for IGCSE Online Classes

  7. Students can avail One-o-One tutoring.

  8. Classes are conducted through a dedicated zoom link, and logins and passwords remain the same, with no time limit of 40 minutes

  9. Each classroom session is converted as Pdf and sent to the student immediately after the class

  10. 70 per cent of teaching time is spent in solving numerical, giving excellent practice to students thus making them confident for IGCSE NEET JEE Physics

  11. Shortcuts, tips and tricks to crack numerical are a major focus area

  12. Discussion of previous year's papers is also part of the course

Best Physics Tutor In South Delhi


Physics Tutor In South Delhi
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