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Complete Neet Physics In 60 Days

I am starting with the important conceptual topics of physics in which students will suffer more.

Firstly in rotational mechanics, the questions asked about shifting of the centre of mass for Planck men problem and people got confused so everyone who is preparing for NEET PHYSICS considering in mind that the position of the centre of mass is fixed and solve the question accordingly because no external force is applied on it.

Secondly considering in moment of inertia problems, the basic problem is known to everyone but the problem arises when some part of the system is removed from the original lamina or body so please remember the formulae and find out the moment of inertia of the body about that axis.

Thirdly the problem can be from pure rolling, for example, they can ask to find out the speed of pure rolling body about any point on its rim so in that kind of problem you are supposed to consider both translatory and rotatory motion and solve the problem accordingly.

fouth-if you are not aware of internal and external forces acting over a body then understand that forces thoroughly.

Fifth- The question based on torque and under equilibrium condition you should be aware of how this torque can be applied under equilibrium condition.

Sixth-Get the difference between translatory motion and rotational motion and practice that problem in which velocity is to be found out at any point on the circular surface while revolving.

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