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Physics Viva Classes With Physics Hots Questions

1)Name the Physical quantities to be kept constant for Ohm’s law to be true.  2)State the Principle of a potentiometer. (The students say that potential drop is proportional to length but the constant quantities are not mentioned)  3)How can we increase the sensitivity of a potentiometer?  4)Define figure of merit of a galvanometer. Which has more resistance – a galvanometer or a milliammeter?  5)How does an LED emit light?  6)What is the difference between an ordinary diode and an LED?  7)Define principal axis of a convex lens? What happens to the focal length of a concave mirror if it is immersed in water?  8)What are the factors affecting the intrernal resistance of a cell? What are the difference between primary and secondary cell?  9)Why can’t we use a dry cell for starting a car? Hints/Answers length, area of cross section,temperature  Ans) The potential drop across any length of a conductor of uniform cross section and composition carrying a constant current is directly proportional to the length. increasing the length of potentiometer wire, decreasing the current, decreasing the potential gradient  Current for unit deflection galvanometer The energy released during recombination of electrons and holes across the junction is responsible for the release of light by LED In ordinary diode the energy emitted during recombination of electrons and holes is in the invisible region of the em spectrum but in the case of LED, the energy is in the visible region. Straight line joining the centres of curvature of the lens.. The focal length of mirror does not change by changing the medium. Their is a pure geometrical relationship between the radius of curvature and focal length and the relation does not include any term depending on refractive index. the nature of electrolyte, the concentration of electrolyte, temperature, distance between electrodes, area of electrodes Primary cell cannot be recharged, secondary cells can be recharged; secondary cells have less internal resistance than primary cells. Due to the high internal resistance of a dry cell, it won’t be able to provide the current sufficient to start the car.  Prepare Physics Practical Viva With  Physics Hots Questions And Writing Skills In Physics Board Exam NEET/IIT/11/12/IB/CBSE DELHI’S BEST PHYSICS CLASSES KUMAR PHYSICS CLASSES E 281 BASEMENT M BLOCK MAIN ROAD GREATER KAILASH 2 NEW DELHI  9958461445,01141032244

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