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Kumar Physics Classes Review-Physics Tutor In Delhi

Physics was the subject that always scared me the most in my high school years. I always felt one step behind in class and only scored decently until I decided to join Kumar sir. I have always loved to study with teachers who connect with me on a personal level as well and are not there just to give me the bookish knowledge. To my surprise, Kumar sir and I connected well from the very first class and from that day onwards physics was fun and not as monotonous and scary as it once was. Even after I have graduated from school, Kumar sir meets me with same zeal as he did on the first day and that says a lot about him. His guidance helped me score 95 in my board exams and I couldn't be happier! To those out there like me who have "resistance" to physics, I highly recommend that you "connect your circuits" with Kumar sir(apologies for the bad puns)!  Tushar Singhal (Graduated Amity International School in 2015, currently pursuing Computer Science at University of Southern California, Class of 2019)

I, Surbhi Kashyap, of DPS Vasant Kunj, joined Kumar sir's physics class in 12th grade for the  preparation of boards. Before joining his classes I was a very weak student who hated physics. Under his guidance and due to his knowledge and hardwork I developed a keen interest in physics. He is a very passionate teacher. Thanks to his patience and teaching skills,I managed to score well in physics board.

Awesome experience being here. I joined here in class 12 and hats off to Kumar sir who brought me from a 60-70 scorer to 95% guy. My whole journey as a student would have been incomplete without him.Apart from studies one gets friendly environment and unforgettable experience which is a requisite for one's life. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 5

I joined Kumar sir after my neet phase one exam and I had low marks in physics...Kumar sir made me go step by step, cleared each and every concept of mine, each and every question which I never understood before...he made me realize that physics is not just about learning the formulas and that once we get the hang of the concept we can tackle any question...throughout my neet 2 preparation Kumar sir guided me and was my physics for neet 2 couldn't have been possible without him... He made us do a large number of questions from previous year papers, AIATS and the aakash modules.. I would highly recommend Kumar sir to anyone  who wants a good score in competitive exams :)  Ridhi Suri Delhi Public School R K Puram

Best ProfessionalTeacher In Delhi Ncr ,I studied with Mr Kumar Last Year And Got Selected In NEET with 605/720 Total Marks And Got 145/180 In Neet Physics ,He will make you solve All Aakash A,B,C Section Package,Vmc ,Fiitjee Package And Give You Tips To solve these types of questions with the minimum Time Since I had PCMB ,Mr kumar made me solve Full H C VERMA And IRODOV Quickly , I was selected in IIT MAINS WITH 280 Marks Although I was not much focussing about IIT MAINS still he made me solve all typical questions of YG FILE . I scored 98 marks in physics board exam and now i am pursuing MBBS In Mamc. Thank you kumar sir

My daughter was preparing for the NEET and she passed the examination examination board of 2015 and along with I had high coaching of NEET KI but she did not get the selection and cable 280 marks came to me. Then my husband asked me to send quota and give coaching to the NEET, but there was some advantage over the shedding but Physics said that Boei could only have 40 marks high then his score was less. Or else the selection was not done. Then we saw KUMAR PHYSICS CLASSES on Google and we came to Delhi to Lucknow met Mr. Kumar and he asked me the question of meri daughter, then found out that fundamental is very weak  Then the kumar sir made my girl's fundamental clear question which has been done by some limited question H Verma and now the mere bache's mock started coming up 140 marks And now my daughter is doing MBBS from King George's medical university lucknow .... Mr. Kumar is very disciplined, only because of her, my daughter has cleared the NEET exam and thanked  (Original) मेरी बेटी NEET की प्रेपरेशन कर रही थे और उसने २०१५ मैं इंटर्मीडीयट की परीक्षा उ प बोर्ड से पास की थे और साथ मैं लखनऊ मैं हाई कोचिंग की थे NEET KI लेकिन उसका सिलेक्शन नहीं हो पाया और केबल २८० मार्क्स हाई आए नीट मैं ...फिर मेरे हज़्बंड ने सजेस्ट किया की इसको कोटा भेज देते है और NEET की कोचिंग दिलाते है बहा पर थोड़ा फ़ायदा तो हुआ लेकिन फ़िज़िक्स मैं बोई सिर्फ़ ४० मार्क्स हाई ला पायी तो उसका स्कोर कम  गया और फिर selection नहीं  हुआ ..फिर हमने गूगल पर KUMAR PHYSICS CLASSES  देखा और हम लखनऊ स दिल्ली आ कर मिस्टर कुमार  se मिले और उन्होंने merI बेटी   Question  पूछे तो        पता चला Fundamental बहुत कमज़ोर  है  फिर  kumar sir  ने मेरी लड़की के फ़ंडमेंटल clear   किए Question जो aakash and Allen kota  package  karaya aur कुछ limited question H   VERMA के कराये अब mere bache के mock   Main १४० से ऊपर marks  आने  शुरू हो गये  और अब मेरी बेटी king George's medical university lucknow  से MBBS कर रही है ....मिस्टर kumar बहुत अनुशासित है सिर्फ़ उन्ही के वजह  से मेरी बेटी NEET  का exam clear कर  पायी धन्यवाद कुमार जी

Excellent clases. Sir knows how to bring out the potential in a child and make them do their best in both school and college entrance exams.He helped me not only with my board exams, but also with my SAT Subject Tests in physics. Based on the above, I was able to get admssion in a leading american univeristy for engineering.

I'm Namanyay Goel from DPS Vasant Kunj, started studying Kumar Sir for my class 12th boards.   While I previous scored 70 or 80 marks in my half-yearly and preboard exams and always had a fear of the subject, studying with Kumar sir only in the span of 4-5 short months enabled me to score 99 marks in my board exams.   I attribute my success in the paper solely to Kumar sir, who not only gave excellent notes and assignments for all chapters, but also explained all confusing concepts in an engaging and fun way.  Highly recommend this institute for all students having problems with Physics, Kumar sir will make them go away for sure.

I’m a student(batch of 2015 D.P.S. R.K.Puram) in Manipal College of Dental Sciences and one of the major subjects which I had to master to get there was physics.At the beginning I wasn’t really good at it but then I joined kumar sir’s physics tuition, this gave me a real boost in confidence in physics and I could solve difficult problems in very less time. Physics then became one of my strong subjects as the concepts got clearer in my mind.This was all beacause of the friendly and innovative yet educative environment created by kumar sir for his students.

Kumar Sir is one of the best physics teachers out there and certainly the best I have ever seen in my life. My physics grade approved drastically once I started learning the subject from this great man. He is not only an excellent teacher but a really good person too. He knows the subject and its concepts right at their quintessence. I really get scared when I imagine the last two of my high school years without him and his teachings. To sum up, just go for him!!!! (Lakshay Sharma, batch of 2015, Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj, pursuing Industrial Engineering at State University of New York at Buffalo, Class of 2019)

I always liked physics, but liking it, never got me grades. I had taken a gap year to study in USA and I had planned to cover up my gap year by giving Advance Placement exams. Most of the teachers I had tried before used to make me memorize physics, which is technically impossible. I gave my Advance Placement exam of Physics C Electricity and Magnetism under the guidance of Kumar Sir and got a perfect 5 on it. This cleared my base of Physics and also made my gap year successful. Ishan Chhabra Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Major Rochester Institute of Technology

I started my sessions with Mr. Kumar this August, with a  reference to by Namanya Goel, and he’s been one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of studying under. I originally was dreadfully afraid of the subject but after a few short sessions with Mr. Kumar I got to see the beauty of the subject.   Things which originally seemed alien to me now flowed flowed through my mind like the ideal fluid I’d spent hours studying about in 11th grade. Originally a bit apprehensive to a new teacher I warmed up to him and he’s been like a father to me ever since.

Sir truly has in-depth and thorough understanding  of the subject . His explanations and pedagogy are  excellent. He works hard with every student and enables one to reach the pinnacle of one's  potential.

Hey! I am Amatya from DPS vasant kunj. I have known sir for the past year or so, before sir I had changed a lot of physics teacher. I never passed any of my physics exams since February 2015 including my eleventh retest, my mother found his number in an old yellow pages book and we went to him for guidance. He saw the real reason I failed my exams, unlike my school teachers, lack of practice, not missing links in concepts or difficulty to grasp them. Then I stopped going to his classes due to my stupidity and fear of hard work and failed in my pre-boards as well and when there was no hope my mother again went to him for help on January 29th, and we started our classes on 3rd February with the physics exam being on the 4th of March, in less than a month he made me capable of scoring 48 marks in theory (76 in total), a phenomenal leap for a guy who never got more than 21 in theory. He has a very different approach towards the subject, he taught a years worth of concepts and theory in a month, without ever overloading me with home work or anything, whatever i did in the class + an hour at home were his instructions. All the assignments and Sample papers are accurate and to the point, only the things necessary for the boards are included. To sum it up: He is the AIIMS Trauma Center for students suffering with the “disease” of bad grades in physics. Just by following his instructions properly one can do amazing in boards.

He was a father like figure to me. He understood me better than I could. He made my concepts crystal clear and I passed the boards with a whopping 95. I'm currently studying in Shiv Nadar University and completed my schooling from the Mother's International School.

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