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Physics Classes In GK 2

When You Reach in class 11 then the situation for your parents are quite confusing about their child carrier and they are moving to different education shops to admit their child For IIT AND NEET Exam Preparation but after 6 months they are realised they have made very big mistake because ward is not getting marks in Physics school exam . This happened because of the fact that ward is not getting Physics concepts from these institutes and got confused� . The Physics material made by these institutes is very good because they copy and paste questions on renowned author books but the person or teacher who is teaching in the class room is not being able to solve these problems and ultimately time goes off and after one year the parent realised that their ward has not been able to understand anything from last one year and passed class 11 with the average marks . So what we do , We sit with the student one on one and make the student to solve each and every problem of these institutes assignment with explaining Physics Concepts and simultaneously solve same type of physics questions of Resnik Halliday And H . C VERMA Physics Text book. WE EXPLAIN EVERY PHYSICS QUESTION OF VMC , FIITJEE , AAKASH PACKAGE TO STUDENT AND ULTIMATELY STUDENT ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL NEET/IIT/11/12/IB/SAT 2/CBSE DELHI’S BEST PHYSICS CLASSES KUMAR PHYSICS CLASSES E 281 BASEMENT M BLOCK MAIN ROAD GREATER KAILASH 2 NEW DELHI 9958461445,01141032244

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