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I am just informing the parents why you are duplicating the tuition of physics to different instructor because physics is same for IIT, CBSE SAT 2, AP'S.The basic fundamental of physics is same for all the above streams .But the essential central part is that your primary physics concept must be 100% clear.  Hence choose the Physics tutor in such way that he must be very experienced enough to teach your child so that his or her fundamental should be 100% clear.    When one starts with class 11, then their primary maths should be clear for studying physics like differentiation,integration and a trigonometric function.  Start class 11 with mechanics and do many questions to understand concepts, Nobody can teach until and unless you are not practicing some questions.  Get The doubts in these questions and ask your physics mentor to clear it, if your mentor explains your all levels doubts at the utmost difficulties, it means your mentor is perfect else change your mentor. Take Physics tuition to solve your difficulties; nobody can teach physics until and unless you are self-conscious and self-enthusiast.  Still, you are facing problem in physics come to Kumar sir 9958461445 Visit to and directly contact Kumar sir

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