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Ways To Destree Yourself Before The Exam

It is the final countdown and students can be found immersed in their books. Libraries become the favourite hangout place for these kids as they slurp on caffeinated drinks and chug their junk. The pressure is bound to mount regarding the monstrous exam that students have been preparing for the past months. Though an ideal level of stress is said to motivate the students to perform their best, however not everyone can tackle the same. Entering the last week before the red letter day, it is imperative for you to keep a check on your pressure levels. Read the following fantastic ways to de-stress during the final countdown to have the stress away. Cut down the Caffeine Intake It cannot be denied that caffeine is a staple beverage of students during the weeks leading up to the written exam. However, they neglect to note that caffeine dehydrates the body causing weakness and headache. It is thus advised to avoid caffeinated drinks or balance it with an adequate amount of liquid. Stay hydrated, and your body and mind will thank you. Exhale out anxieties Getting all excited a week before the exam is common in students. However, what is required is to de-stress yourself and keep calm. When you feel your stress levels climbing up, take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly. This would not only reduce your stress level considerably but also keep anxieties at bay. Take a nap Rests during studying allow to power through the long and strenuous hours of studying. According to a study, a 40 minutes nap increases the alertness of mind by 100%, thereby substantially improving your performance and taking it to the next level. Listen to good music It has been rightly remarked that “Music is the soul of life”. Listening to good music calms down the senses, instils positivity, helps in relaxation and soothes body and mind. It is one of the active ways that can help you de-stress and makes you happy. Unplug the tech-devices Technology is a boon, but it is also a significant hindrance and greatest distraction. Tech-devices not only distract you from your goals but are also a source of stress. You can catch up on it when before meal time or before going to sleep. However, don’t stretch it’s usage to more than a few minutes. Take a walk The significance of taking a step cannot be underestimated. It not only refreshes your body and mind but also helps you unwind in different ways. A walk in the lap of nature calms the mind, restores balance and adds more clarity. Do it for yourself Do it for yourself because it’s about your future and your goals. You have to prove it yourself and not others, so stop stressing about it. Remember it’s your dreams you are working for and give it your best shot. However, also remember that success doesn’t come to a stressed mind; progress comes to a positive spirit. Keep a positive attitude and keep motivating yourself to do it because you want this and because this is your future

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