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Always study is essential in life because whenever you move in your life past still matters.It is just a myth that people are saying that marks are not necessary for survival, But In my opinion marks are essential in life, and that will move you ahead in life. When you got selected IN IIT and did engineering and going for an interview and getting shortlisted for final and got tied up with the same candidate, then they will always look for your class 11,12 marks to get you an upper edge to others. Study hard like a people making a muscle in the gym, build a muscle in your brain by studying a lot more than 8 hours a day sometimes more than that. So think about it and judge yourself what you are supposed to do in life after your class 10 exam study hard, obey your parents, strict to your schedule, eat healthy, divide your time into slots and allow the time for the specific subject. Now come to the specific subject physics for class11,12, NEET, IIT AND IB. Study with the full concept, start taking classes with some professional physics mentor, who is already tried by someone and tested, don't leave your ward to some tom and jerry type of tutor they will kill your ward mind and your ward mind will get corroded. Study concepts with the specific books of physics like RESNIK HALLIDAY, H C VERMA And Irodov and refer some good study material from a reputed coaching institute. Still, you do not understand the Physics Come and meet Mr Kumar; Physics Tutor will make you realise every part of physics quickly without killing your time. First, We will teach you basic concepts of physics then proceed further for application based questions with Resnik Halliday or VMC, FIITJEE, AAKASH Physics Package. As I am telling you frankly the physics by a large is same for IIT /NEET and CBSE It is just mindset how do you proceed with the approach. Cbse physics is straightforward with a little bit of application, IIT Physics is full of Application based and NEET physics and easy buy time based that how much time you will take to solve 45 physics questions in NEET EXAM. So come to the Best physics classes in Delhi, Best physics tutor in Delhi For NEET PHYSICS/IIT PHYSICS/CBSE PHYSICS AND FOR IB PHYSICS. Meet Mr Kumar Or Call him directly and explain your problem or mail to him Kumar Physics Classes 9958461445

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