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Physics Tutor In New Friends Colony -Kumar Sir-9958461445Physics Specialist/Tutor/Classes-Kalkaji/Gk 2/Gk 1/C r Park/Alaknanda-Kumar Sir-9958461445-For a concave mirror, a virtual image can be anywhere behind the mirror. For a convex mirror, however, there is a maximum distance at which the image can exist behind the mirror. Why?Description-Let us consider the concave mirror first and imagine two different light rays leaving a tiny object and striking the mirror. If the object is at the focal point, the light rays reflecting from the mirror will be parallel to the mirror axis. They can be interpreted as forming a virtual image infinitely far away behind the mirror.www.kumarphysicsclasses.comAs the object is brought closer to the mirror, the reflected rays will diverage through larger and larger angles, resulting in their extensions converging closer and closer to the back of the mirror. When the object is much closer to the mirror than the focal length, the mirror acts like a flat mirror, and the image is just as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.www.kumarphysicsclasses.comThus, the image can be anywhere from infinitely far away to right at the surface of the mirror. For the convex mirror, an object at infinity produces a virtual image at the focal point. As the object is brought closer, the reflected rays diverge more sharply and the image moves closer to the mirror. Thus, the virtual image is restricted to the region between the mirror and the focal point.Still you are feeling any problem in RAY OPTICS-PHYSICS CONTACT -KUMAR SIR-9958461445www.kumarphysicsclasses.comRay Optics Physics-Physics Tutor In Kalkaji/C r Park/Gk 2/Alaknanda-Kumar sir-9958461445Physics TutorPhysics Home TutorPhysics ClassesNeet Physics ClassesCbse Physics ClassesOptics Physics Concepts By Kumar Sir-9958461445-Physics Tutor In Hauz Khas,Safdarjung Enclave,Khel Gaon,South Ex-Best Physics Lessons In DelhiPhysics Tutor South DelhiPhysics Tutor In DelhiPhysics Tutor In Gk 2Physics ClassesRay Optics Physics Concept By Physics Tutor In Vasant kunj,Mahipalpur,Vasant Vihar,Sainik Farm,Saket,Pvr,Pushpa Vihar,Sarojani Nagar,Ina,R K Puram-By Kumar Sir-9958461445Physics TutorPhysics Tutor In RkpPhysics Tutor Vasant KunjPhysics Sir Vasant ViharKumar Physics ClassesRay Optics Concepts Physics Do Excel In class 11,12,NEET,IIT Physics By Physics Tutor-Kumar Sir-9958461445-Physics Tutor In Kalkaji,Gk 2,Gk 1,C r Park,Vasant Kunj,AlaknandaPhysics DpsPhysics Dps Vasant KunjPhysics In Don BoscoPhysics In AlaknandaPhysics Tutor OnlyJust Excel In Physics -Physics Tutor In South Delhi/Delhi/East Delhi/West Delhi/North Delhi-Physics Tutoring By Kumar Sir -9958461445Ray OpticsPhysics ClassesPhysics Tutor In EastPhysics Iit ClassesPhysics TutorPhysics TutorPhysics Tutor Gk 2Physics Tutor Vasant KunjPhysics Vasant KunjPhysics Neet Tutor​

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