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Tips for Scoring 140+ in Physics in NEET

It needs one to be able to visualize the various processes. The application skills and problem-solving abilities can be improved easily if your basics are clear. So, you have to study with patience keeping this in mind. NEET Physics Preparation: Understand The Concepts Concepts are to be understood, not mugged up. One concept is linked to another and with the help of Kumar Physics Classes, you will easily find how out how. Once you clearly see each concept for what it is all about, you will be ready for the next step. Understand the concept in such a manner that are can visualize them. This is very important when it comes to Physics. Learn your formulas There’s no escaping this. Formulas form the backbone of Physics and you need to get them right every time and the only way to do that is to keep learning them again and again till you know them like the back of your hand. That’s your secret weapon No. 1 to ace this subject. But also make sure you understand what each of the formulas means. Solve Numericals Solving NEET Physics practice questions will help you improve application skill and problem-solving abilities. You must practice a sufficient number of questions so that you master the skill of application of your knowledge to solve problems


Exam-taking Strategy Practising on Kumar Physics Classes Assignment will help you improve your time management and overall exam-taking strategy. You will be able to tell whether you are answering each question within the ideal time or over time, and how many wasted attempts you commit, whether from lack of knowledge or carelessness. It helps you time yourself as you practise so you learn not to be in too much of a hurry or waste too much time on any question. Kumar Sir also helps you identify your weak concepts so you can keep practising them to improve your score. You have 180 minutes to answer 180 questions, but not necessarily 1 minute per question because each question carries a different difficulty level. Using Kumar Physics Classes practice tests, you will be able to time yourself better as you attempt each question. Question selection Each question carries 4 marks and 1 negative marking. Keeping this in mind, question selection is crucial. Attempt your strongest concepts first and leave the ones that will take a longer time to complete for last. Based on previous years papers, it has been found that almost all questions are derived from the NCERT books.


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