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When it comes to planning for NEET Physics, students normally find it quite challenging as it frames a wide variety of theoretical concepts and a wide collection of numerical problems connected with each concept. The NEET Physics 2019 study shows that most of the questions were based on numerical problems involving thorough concepts. The Physics section was not only more difficult than the other sections but also relatively longer.

To master NEET Physics, little knowledge of concepts is not enough. Students need to understand the concepts thoroughly and understand the importance of concepts to numerical enigmas.

NEET Physics consists of a total of 45 questions that sums up to a total of 180 marks in the exam. Here are some acumens into the exam as well as some important points that can help students to give a solid edge to their training plan

Essential BOOKS

The usually suggested book additional than the NCERT textbook is Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma Vol. I & II. The NCERT textbook is a need for Modern Physics especially Semiconductors. Students should completely go through the NCERT textbook and solve all the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Very Short Answer Type Questions (VSAQs) of NCERT Exemplar of Class XI & XII.

Sharpen on the Fundamentals

Physics section is all about general concepts and mathematical problems. Hence, having strong basic knowledge is a must. It is also necessary to work on your problem solving and application skills to get well in the Physics section.

Work on Test Series

One of the best forms to prepare for exams like NEET is to solve a Test Series. Test Series covers of several tests based on the real exam pattern. It includes a mixture of various types of questions that can be required in the exam. It constitutes your test catching skills, assesses your training level and enhances your pace and correctness.


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