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Review Of CBSE Physics Exam 2020

CBSE 2020 Physics Exam is over, when you look at Paper, you will feel that CBSE has also become like an IIT and NEET, that every student should understand that until the concept of physics is not clear, nothing can happen.

Now Neet's exam is very close and the second attempt of IIT is also very close for 2020.

After reviewing the physics 2020 CBSE paper one must realise that physics for any exam is not easy all depends on your clarity of fundamental.

People go for physics exam just like this they think that they can have good marks just learning or mugging up the derivation but that schene was over in 2019 Cbse physics board exam when the paper is of totally conceptual.

Now talk about future for physics 2021 and 2022, day by day students have a tight routine they have to spend a lot of time in surfing information through the video youtube google etc, that is only for information STOP DOING THIS, but hire one physics professional and do step by step physics ask doubt with your physics mentor.

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