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Tips For Neet Exam-Physics Tutor In Delhi,India

There is always particular importance to a few chapters over the rest in NEET. Also, these few essential chapters can also help you to gain enough skills to face other sections. Prioritizing these chapters is a good idea since that increases your chances of scoring higher. These chapters will ideally cover-up around 70% of the questions in NEET. Here are the most important chapters for your Examination subject wise:


Kinematics Laws of Motion Gravitational Field Circular & rotational Motion Electric Field and Current Electricity Magnetic Field Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current


States of Matter (especially gaseous state) Thermodynamics Chemical Equilibrium, Kinetics Complete Organic Chemistry (This is the most scoring part)

Biology Biological Classification Genetics Reproduction in Plants and Animals Morphology of Plants Structural Organization of Animals Prioritizing These chapters should be your preference. You should begin your training with these chapters to be on a safer side.

Also, if you are little of time, i.e. towards the end of the year, you should study only these chapters to increase your chances of scoring higher. If you searched for this article, then you have already prioritised your preparation! Now it is the time to execute!

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