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Cbse Physics Board Tips By Physics Tutor In South Delhi

Physics Classes In South Delhi

CBSE Physics Board Tips 2019

1) First Important steps towards the CBSE Board 2018 would be to prepare a timetable of Study and revision and try to stick to it. Devote around 3-4 hours for study Physics on a daily basis.

2) Time management is another skill which will be very useful during the examination. It means you should know how much time needs to be devoted to each question. Writing just enough for the Physics problem. Attempting the larger marks questions, You should be taking simulating Physics exam situation in your home and give as many practice papers as possible

3) Do not play with your Health, Eating habits. Stick to the routine and follow usual health routine. Breathing exercise could be beneficial during this time

4) Physics Answer sheet should be neat and clean. This helps in getting a top score from the examiner. Use a different marker pen to write the famous words so that examiner can understand the feeling of the answer

5)Revision is significant. Go through essential Physics questions, physics formula. Prepare your Physics short trick sheet which you can go through one day before the final

6) Students may also practice from the Physics Sample Question Papers brought out by the CBSE, Physics Marking Schemes performance analysis which analysis common mistakes committed by the students and provides remedial measures.

7) Don't try to attempt new topics of physics before the examination.It will make u stressful instead revise the issues which you have already done

8) Be positive and be confident. Take everything with a relaxed and positive mind

9) When you are done with the physics paper in the examination, Don't rush immediately to the examiner to submit it. It is advisable to recheck your physics answer sheet and make sure you attempted the things properly, and you have done the marking correctly also

10) Try to answer the question in point to point fashion.

11) If you feel stuck with any question in the examination room, Stay cool and think again. If don't get the physics answer in few minutes, go for next question. Good Luck Still You Need Help In physics

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