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Drop Out Neet Physics Classes

Approximately 16 lakh students are said to appear for NEET. Given this, what would provide a student with an edge over others is the application of theoretical knowledge to questions while maintaining accuracy and speed. NEET is carried out in the offline mode by the NTA across India. It enables students to seek admission to medical courses after appearing in the class 12 exams.

Foolproof Plan To Score 170+ In NEET 2022 Physics

To score above 170 marks in the Physics section, one has to get at least 43 out of 45 questions correct. It is certainly possible with practice and sheer dedication. Here, with this article, we bring to you a list of steps that you must include if you wish to score above 170+ in the Physics section.

Set up a plan

The most important step in the list is formulating a plan only to ensure it is executed. For this, one has to set up realistic goals. Paste it around the study corner you pick, which is typically a secluded corner of your place.

Physics requires extensive practice sessions, let your plan revolve around this fact while equally dividing time between other sections as well.

Thorough With The Pattern

Students must master the pattern of the exam, different sections, marking scheme, understanding and gauging the difficulty level of a question, and much more. This is a topper’s tip, which you can make note of.

Also, students can make note that in NEET 2019, 22 questions were asked from Class 11, while 23 questions were asked from the class 12 physics syllabus. Likewise, NEET 2020 witnessed 18 questions appearing from class 11 while 27 questions appeared from the class 12 Physics syllabus. This weightage fluctuates, but the NEET syllabus from both classes must be given equal attention.

Right Mix of Books

Picking the right book is a task for many students, but know that NCERT must be your go-to. There are tons of books out there by different publishers, but don’t let that tempt you. In the quest of learning more, students tend to refer to multiple sources and hence jumble up information provided in different books for the same topic which may have repercussions.

Once you have mastered NCERT, you can refer to previous years’ question papers collated altogether in a single book, available in the markets. Additionally, you may refer to different modules available online and solve questions. Apart from this, go through these reference books for Physics:

Concepts of physics – HC Verma

Objective NEET Physics – DC Pandey

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Find out Important Concepts & Focus

Once you have set up a plan, are equipped with pattern knowledge, and know the right books, you should be aware of the most important concepts from which NEET questions appear. Here are some statistics from NEET which can assist you:

Neet Physics Classes For Drop OUT Non Attending
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