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Physics Classes In Kalkaji

With exam season in full swing, both students and parents feel like trending on eggshells. As much as it is a nightmare for students preparing for board exams it is also for the parents who spend sleepless nights praying for their child’s success. Undoubtedly, Board examination plays a vital role in a student’s life and pretty much influence his/her future career decisions. For parents there is nothing more stressful than to see their child fail in his/her attempts to succeed. As parents you might want to help your child during this crucial phase and be more supportive. However, often parents are clueless about how to support their child in the best possible way and are unable to do the needful. We hope you don’t do the same mistake and that is why we have listed down what all you can do to support your child during his/her board exam preparation. 1. Dedicate time The time before board exam is very crucial for your child. With clock fast ticking, it’s natural for students to feel anxious and paranoid. This is the time when they crave for your support. As parents you should make time for them and cater to their needs. Just your presence can work wonders and help your child prepare well for their upcoming board exams. 2. Abstain from any arguments It is natural for children and parents to disagree over a lot of things. As parents you should be mindful of avoiding such conversations at this time where all your child needs is some peace to concentrate on their preparation. The last thing you could think of would be to make the situation miserable for your child. In addition, do not nag your child over petty issues as it can have a detrimental effect on them. 3. Help formulate efficacious strategies With so much to do and so little time, your child might nurture the feeling of disorientation. Sit with him/her and try to devise effective strategies to go about the preparation. You can probably spend some time on the internet and research about effective preparation strategies, read blogs or talk to your friends and how their children are preparing. A little research can help formulate efficacious strategies that can be of great help to your child during his exams and might reduce some burden from his/her shoulders. 4. Refrain from comparisons The last thing you could do is compare your child to kids you find smarter than him/her. Children detest it totally. You need to understand that every child is unique and has different way of approaching things. Comparisons can kill your child’s spirits and his/her motivation to learn and perform his/her best. Instead, appreciate your child’s efforts. Let them know they are doing well and can do even better with little more efforts. Encourage them because that’s how you can support them. 5. Do not pressurize Not everyone thrives in pressure. Especially at the time your child is already feeling anxious about the exams, its better not to make it further tough for them. Do not pressurize them by saying how important it is for them to score good marks. This will create pressure on them to perform. Instead tell them how important it is to study. 6. Keep them focused It’s easy to lose focus and get distracted in the world of myriad temptations. Help your child maintain his/her focus by removing the distractions. This can be possible if you yourself stop watching your favorite series on the idiot box. Be a role model. When you’ll stop spending time hooked to your phone or laptop or television, your child will follow suit. In addition, to improve your child’s focus and concentration, you can support your child by meditating with him/her, going for a walk, etc. 7. Eliminate the fear of exams Fear of exam is a deep rooted evil that sits in the mind of all students. As parents, you need to work towards removing that fear. Do not treat exams as the war once lost that cannot be won again. Tell your children exams are important as they test their preparation. Tell them to work hard and do their best. But also tell them that if they don’t achieve their target score, it will not be the end of the world. Tell them they can try again and that you will always have their back. Physics Tutor In Delhi,Physics tutor In kalkaji,physics classes in south ex,physics tutor in gk 2,physics tutor in sarojani nagar,physics tutor in south delhi,physics tutor in aiima,physics tutor in south delhi,physics tutor in panchsheel,physics tutor in khel gaon  How can parents support their child during board exam preparation ? Revise All IIT/NEET/Cbse Class 12 Physics In 30 Days NEET/IIT/11/12/IB/SAT 2/CBSE DELHI’S BEST PHYSICS CLASSES KUMAR PHYSICS CLASSES E 281 BASEMENT M BLOCK MAIN ROAD GREATER KAILASH 2 NEW DELHI  9958461445,01141032244 IIT PHYSICS Neet Physics Cbse Physics

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