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NEET 2020 -How It Is Going To Be?

Those students Who Are preparing For NEET 2020 they must keep one thing in mind this time the cut-off score for govt college will be 630 so whenever they are preparing for Any NEET MOCK Exam they should look forward at least 650/720 marks.

They should think about scoring at least 165/180 marks in PHYSICS to get in Govt College then only their score will cross 630/720 in Neet Exam.

Hence Study hard this time solve at least 50 MCQ of physics per day clear your physics concepts thoroughly if you are not understanding physics concepts take professional help for physics don't sit just like this of thinking of the miracle.

Physics plays a very crucial factor in NEET Physics Exam, Bio And Chem by and large mugging up subject but when you consider physics as a whole it is like understanding concepts.

So Be serious of physics start practising from day one and if you have any doubt fix up with Mr Kumar and clear your physics doubts .


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